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Untitled (Penryn & the End of Days, #2) - Susan Ee A GIFtastic review for you until I can form coherent thoughts...

On Friday, when I got my ARC of World After:
photo Entangled_zps9ee97b56.gif

Also, because Amazon actually sent me an ARC!!!:
photo holy-sht_zps5d58f8ff.gif

Friday night when I got home and sat down to crack this baby open:
photo mybodyisready_zpsec4f6e8b.gif

When my family wanted to go out to dinner, then shopping, then a million other things that weren't reading:
photo crazyeye_zps18662eca.gif

All weekend, when my family had other plans for my precious reading time:
photo nerdrage_zpsdcc6139d.gif

Then on Sunday when I finally got to start reading:
photo excited_zpsbe25007c.gif

As I was reading:
photo carltondancing_zpsd6401aea.gif

When Raffe finally made his first appearance:
photo hithere_zps771df093.gif

Last night when I finished the book:
photo nowords_zps2342737a.gif

And then when I realized I have to wait FOREVER for the next book:
photo sulking_zpsb38b022e.gif

Overall impression:
photo thumpingheart_zps28793cba.gif